Couvertures de sérénité

How many days are you going to wake up and know that the girl that’s going to love you no matter what is wrapped around your fingers? How many girls are willing to devote their life to you? Open your eyes, because there isn’t many out there that’s willing to put in all the effort. There’s so little out there that have no intentions of using and hurting you. You always find a girl that treats you like shit. She replies two hours later. She rather hangs with her friends than go on a date with you. She insults you. She raises her voice at you and she doesn’t feel sorry about it at all. She doesn’t feel sorry for you.  You have every right to leave her, but you don’t have the power to. You wait until she ends it because that’ll be the only reason you’re able to get out of the relationship. Why? One day, you just might find someone that’s the opposite of all that. You’ll find a girl that’s going to wake up and the first thing that’s on her mind is how she should write the long morning message to you. She’ll spend her weekdays trying to figure out how she’s going to make your heart stop on the weekends. She’ll stay up until whatever time it is at night on the phone with you to keep you company. She’ll do whatever it takes to get food into your stomach when you run out of food. She’s gonna go to sleep with you on her mind and she’ll smile because she knows there isn’t anyone else she’d rather think about. She’ll try to be the reason you smile. She’ll try to make you happy. Whether you know it or not, she’ll love you like no one else ever has. She’ll show you a love so surreal, you’ll question her every truth. 

Then, you’ll tell yourself one day, I don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve her.” You’ll leave her, the one that had her whole life planned to make yours beautiful, in the dust. All her hard work would be thrown into the broken memories you call, the past. You tell yourself, “It’s okay. I’ll be alright. She’s perfect. She’ll be okay. She’ll find better. She’ll find much better.” But where do you go? Of course, she’ll find better, but what she really wanted was you. She’ll find better, but she’ll always be thinking of you. She’ll find better, but the question is, who is willing to love you like she did? She’ll find better.. Are you? You don’t deserve her, but she sure as hell wanted you to feel beautiful. She wanted you to know that you have every right to smile. She wanted you to love her too and you know you do. But you left her because you felt like you didn’t deserve her.  

If you ever find a girl that’s going to love you for your every flaw, keep her. If you ever find someone that’s going to try even when she knows there is no hope that you won’t ever love her as much as she loves you, keep her. If you know she’s the reason you go to sleep happy, keep her. Keep her, because you won’t find better and you don’t deserve to find someone that will treat you less than a person. You may not deserve her, but you’re the reason she’s happy and you know you’re happy when you’re with her too. Keep her because you love her and because she loves you. Don’t leave because she treats you like a princess.

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